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          In the world of accounting, we are rapidly approaching year-end. Year-End Closing season. Businesses increasingly feel compelled to enter information into their ERP or accounting software.

A Definition of Auditing.

        An audit is the examination of books of accounts, supporting documents, and other evidence by a professional auditor in accordance with established standards for professional practice. And can express an opinion as to whether the financial statements prepared by the entity are correct in material respects according to generally accepted accounting principles and whether the necessary information has been presented adequately for financial statement users. In addition, the auditor makes recommendations to the entity’s management regarding weaknesses in the business’s internal control. Occasionally, an audit also permits the auditor to report fraud to management. Auditing is vital to the business world when individuals have faith in it. As a consequence of this, the auditor’s opinion on the financial statements would be affected. Believe the auditor’s qualifications and abilities as an accounting expert. To instill confidence in the auditor’s knowledge, skills, and abilities among users of financial statements, the auditor’s work must be dependable. independent professional associations and control institutions have established auditing standards in the profession. 

Audit Firm

        Audit Firm was founded in order to offer auditing services. audit The auditor (Auditor CPA) may then work for an individual. or in the company’s name, but for credibility and the ability to contact, speak, and ask questions It is preferable to be in the name of the business.

        The primary service provided by the auditing firm (Audit Firm) is the primary service. Examine yearly financial statements However, auditing annual financial statements on your own is risky. If there is a problem, various documents must be requested and an audit adjustment must be made, which may cause the financial statements to be submitted past the deadline set by the Revenue Department or DBD to audit the statements at the end of the year. to be effective Therefore, quarterly financial review services must be added to assist with closing the financial statements at the end of the accounting period and reduce the likelihood of problems.

Audit Firm

Why utilize the services of our Auditing Firm?

        ACC Consulting Co., Ltd. and MRT Advisory Co., Ltd. constitute our group of companies. Since 2017, our company has consistently maintained the quality of the services we provide to our customers. What This enables us to have a large client base, and our auditing firm is known for providing professional advice from a licensed CPA (CPA) in accordance with Professional Council standards.

         Our firm’s primary objective is “Quick response. And it is precise, precise, and consistent with the standards of the Federation of professions in order to impress customers. By adhering to the principle of accuracy for customers, customers will be able to use the information they have to make accurate business decisions and increase sustainable growth.

Why should you utilize our Audit Firm service?

  • We respond rapidly to customer inquiries. exact and exact sincere and fair.
  • IT and Software Consulting.
  • On-site service, decreasing unnecessary costs.
  • Open for service 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • There is always work that meets the requirements.
  • If you are a customer, please offer free advice on related matters!!!
  • Our Auditing Firm is centrally located in the city. You can arrive by BTS, MRT, or car; a parking lot is also available.
  • Location :
         The ACC Consulting Company can provides audit services both in Bangkok and Eastern Thailand by our factory audit team directly. our team, consisting of auditors, lawyers, tax consultants and management and IT consultants experienced in the industry, provides you with comprehensive support in almost all matters relevant to industrial production. In addition to the classic areas of activity, such as auditing annual and consolidated financial statements or tax consulting (both national and international), we support the industry with integrated advisory services on special topics, such as transfer pricing, restructuring, transaction consulting, IT assurance, data protection or compliance. We are familiar with the problems regarding factory operations and able to audit direct raw material accounts, direct labor, production costs, check the cost recording, and accounting of raw materials, etc.

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