Financial Statement Audit Service Of Manufacturing Industry And Production Group

financial statement audit service of manufacturing and production industry group

Currently, modifications to the Revenue Department’s tax requirements and Manufacturing, plant engineering, and mechanical engineering are all experiencing increased levels of competition and demand as a direct result of current patterns of global economic development. As a result of these demands, forward-looking automation solutions are becoming increasingly important in the context of the ongoing revolution […]

Definition of Financial Statements

Financial statement audit

What is financial statement ? Definition of Financial Statements is Financial reports are a summary of accounting in the collection of various information to present information to users of financial statements for decision-making. They show the financial position, performance, and change in cash in an organized manner. Financial reports of this nature should be prepared […]

What is Gross Profit : GP & Gross Profit Margin : GPM ?

What is Gross Profit : GP The Company’s operating income, whether from the sale of goods or services, is deducted from the product’s cost of manufacture. Alternatively, that service. Formula for calculating gross profit, Calculating gross profit : GP Gross Profit = Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold : COGS Gross Profit Margin : GPM […]

What is Value Added Tax (VAT) of Thailand ?

VAT, or Value Added Tax Value Added Tax in 2022 (VAT) is a tax on the sale of goods. or by providing services in each manufacturing process and by selling goods and services produced domestically and imported from other countries. Since 1992, entrepreneurs in Thailand have been charged VAT at a rate of 10%, divided […]

Submit of Filing Audited Annual Financial Statements on 2022 – 2023 at Thailand

Audited Financial Statements 2023

          Companies with accounting periods ending 31 December 2022 must file audited financial statements with the Department of Business Development (‘DBD’), Ministry of Commerce no later than 31 May 2023 so The accountant must Annual Closing and prepare annual financial statements for the year 2022 for the “Auditor” to auditing. Timeline for Filling […]

Thailand Corporate Depreciation, Amortisation, and Depletion


          Depreciation: Provided that in no case shall the deduction exceed the following percentage of cost as shown below. The straight-line basis is themethod most commonly used by companies, but any generally accepted basis, such as sum-of-the-years-digits or double-declining method, is permitted.           However, if a company […]

What is a Withholding Tax in Thailand ?

Withholding Tax

WHAT IS A WITHHOLDING TAX (WHT) IN THAILAND ? Withholding Tax or WHT is a deduction from payments given to the company’s service providers. This also applies to the payment of interests and dividends. Withholding tax (WHT) rates are dependent on the income type and tax status of the recipient. *** Rates of international payments withholding tax in Thailand are […]

Financial Statement Audit for BOI Promoted Companies in Thailand

Financial statement audit

In Thailand Law, all juristic companies, partnerships, branches of foreign companies and joint ventures are obligated to prepare financial statements for each accounting period. The financial statements must be audited and subjected to the opinion of a certified Thai auditor (CPA). And BOI promoted companies need the statutory audit every year like their non-BOI promoted […]

A Restaurant Chart of Accounts for Any Bookkeeper or Accountant can utilize

cost of goods sold

What’s a Restaurant Chart of Accounts (COA) ? A chart of accounts (COA) is the financial accounts in the general ledger of a company. In short, it is an organizational tool that provides a digestible breakdown of all the financial transactions that a company conducted during a specific accounting period, broken down into subcategories. Suggest […]