The Annual Performance and Operation Report of BOI Promoted Company.

          A limited company that has obtained both an investment promotion and the license to start operations from the Board of Investment (“BOI”) must submit the annual Performance and Operation report once a year by 31st July of every year.

          Documents required to be submit Annual Performance and Operation Report to BOI are as follows:

  • List of shareholders (BorAorJor 5) or share distribution report.
  • Financial statements as of the reported accounting period.
  • Income Tax Return for Companies or Juristic Partnerships Form (P.N.D. 50).
  • Withholding Income Tax Return Form (P.N.D. 1Gor), only the first page.


*** Warning:  If you fail to submit the report within the specified time, you may be suspended from entering the
electronic systems for using rights and benefits. If you continuously fail to do so, your promotion certificate may be revoked.


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