What is Social Security Fund ?

          Social security is a fund providing security and coverage to the insured. The insured shall receive compensation in case of injuiy, sickness, invalidity, and death which are not caused by employment including, childbirth child allowance, old age, and unemployment.

         What is contribution ?

Contribution is money contributed by employer and employee to be monthly submitted to Social Security Fund. Lts calculation is based on 5% of wage of employee. The monthly minimum wage to be calculated is 1,650 baht and the maximum is 15,000 baht (monthly minimum contribution is 83 baht and not exceeding750 baht). In this regard, the Government shall make a partial contribution.

          How to the Registration of Employer Form ?

1. An Employer Registration Form (Form SorPorSor. 1-01).
2. A copy or photograph of certificate of juristic person and the objectives (Not over 6 Month).
3. A copy or photograph of VAT Certificate (From Por.Por.20) or a copy or photograph of Application for VAT Registration (Por. Por. 01), or a copy or photograph of Certificate of Special Business Tax (Por Tor 20), or copy of photograph of Permit for Factoiy Operation Ror. Ngor 4.
4. Map of business location.
5. Power of attorney (only in case of giving an authority to other person to act on one’s behalf which this requires a duly stamp attached as stipulated by the revenue code).

          How to the Registration of Employee ?

1. Employees are required to be registered as the insured within 30 days from the first date of work.
2. Filling in Application for the Registration of insured (SorPorSor. 1-03) is required in case the employees have never participated in the social security system.
3. A copy of ID or other documents issued by state authorities.
4. A copy of work certificate and a copy of passport, or a copy of work document and a copy of certificate of alien in case the insured is alien).
5. The employees who have been registered as the insured are required to inform about their registrations (SorPorSor.1-03/1).

      Our Company has service
1. Company registration at Department of Business Development (DBD)
2. Value Added Tax (VAT) registration at revenue department
3. Social Security Office (SSO) registration.
4. Bookkeeping, Tax advisory and financial statement audit.

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